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2 EDITOR’S NOTE DEAR ALL, Wow – this year has started swiftly indeed. It seems like just yesterday I was loving the lack of traffic on the roads in the first weeks of the year back at the office – now its most certainly back to the hectic, crazy back-to-school/work rush. We had a quick dash out of the country to the amazing Cabsat Show in Dubai in the third week of January (please check our video report on that on the Click Video Mag YouTube channel) and then it was back for month-end, and all of a sudden, it’s February! Things have been very quiet on the new product front, so we decided to do a little retro feature with a look back at shooting film. I spoke about this briefly on our Roadshows around the country last year and decided to throw out some challenges and get some feedback from photographers on this trend. It is certainly well worth doing if you are looking at taking your photography in a totally new direction. I mentioned this a few times last year and I’m really happy to have a proper feature in this issue about the film projects happening out there. I myself have been a little taken by the idea and much to the amusement of my better half – have acquired around 7 vintage, second hand film cameras in the last year alone. I am definitely a lot slower on the film processing and shooting side, but it certainly is a lot of fun to try for a change. As you have hopefully come to realise – my mission in life is all about inspiration – whether it is through this mag, presenting at Roadshows or via our YouTube channel – I want to put new ideas in your heads to keep your photography interests going and motivating you to do more and learn more about photography. The single most important lesson I have learnt about photography is incredibly simple – you will never stop learning about photography! It seems a little trite, but it is most certainly true – the more I learn, the more I realise that there is so much more to learn. What an amazing thing. On that wistful, philosophical note - keep clicking away and subscribe to our YouTube channel for some cool video content. Roger Machin Product Manager PVDVC Products Canon SA